The Sotho Concept

Successful leadership stems from the will to growth and progress.

Visionary leadership emerges through self-insight and empathy.

The modern leader must master both in order to succeed both on a personal level and professionally in the role as a frontrunner and a beacon for the organization – and the demands are exactly the same for executives who take part in challenging teams.

The key to success in modern leadership is a better balance in both work position and personal life. This inner work takes courage and will.

To change the personal foundation for the role as leader is a challenge on all senses. The combination of high-level professionalism and the great nature of Africa is the right frame for the development of those personal competencies and patterns from which all leadership originates. We look forward to welcoming you and guiding you through a thorough re-assessment of your personal leadership.

Sotho offers a well established professional course based on an optimal match of the long experience of the consultants. Close contact with the African environment is utilized in an active interaction with sensory impact within the special scenario of Sotho for self-insight, communication and personal development.

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Leadership in balance

With growing demand on competent executive capacity it is an inevitable challenge for leaders to comply with requirements and expectations as a top executive.

It is crucial that each leader is aware of challenges to the organization and own priorities. A realistic picture of demands and achievements is only formed thereby in leadership over time.

To each executive it is essential to know own resources and to choose a right balance between active and capable leadership and personal reflection. Self-awareness is the basis for the socially reflected leader and is a key factor in any functioning team cooperation where commitment and innovation thrive.

People are different, but everyone must balance between initiating, acting and expanding on the one side – and reflecting, appreciating, sensing and relating on the other. This is the foundation for Leadership in Balance.