In our Sotho course coaching is an integrated part of the development of both team and individual.

In Sotho we work on balancing and enhancing leadership performance – both professionally and personally. That means our focus is on leadership, business and the individual executive.

There are a variety of approaches to and purposes with coaching. Our strength is many years of experience, our strong business foundation and a thorough understanding of the professional challenges to the individual executive. Therefore our position on and aim with coaching is:

  • To create a space for personal leadership development in the context of the specific organization with respect to its market, products and culture.
  • To implement a flexible and adjusted dialogue that matches the complexities within the executive lives and acts.
  • To unfold any hidden potential, which each of us has.
  • To let the executive give the final answers.
  • To make the executive able to balance private life and the role as executive, to prioritize better and make better decisions.
  • To make the organization profit from the course by making the executive more integrated as a person and therefore more efficient.

Growth and development

Our approach does not just focus on the demands to the executive, but also on those aspects that are successful and already functioning well. That way we are able to improve life quality, work performance and wellbeing of individuals and teams.

As organizational psychologist coaches our intent is to create growth and development for those we coach. We have a long experience in coaching, and we apply efficient theoretical and empirically well founded methods to facilitate growth and development for our clients.

The five principles of Sotho

Our experience shows that good coaching courses bring both knowledge and success based on these fundamental principles:

  • Increased self awareness.
  • Greater trust in own abilities as a leader.
  • Feeling of ownership and responsibility in the executive position.
  • Better balance between work life and pastime with a reduced risk of stress.
  • People have a greater potential than they are aware off, and as such we may be our own worst enemy.