Team and Individual

The modern executive is met by the demand for the success of the organization and the expectation for visionary, creative and involving leadership from both top and bottom of the hierarchy. That field of tension is at the same time both a challenge and bliss according to temperament and personal preference.

From years of experience developing executive competences we realize that in this particular field substantial results may be achieved through a targeted and focused effort.

The outcomes we aim for in the special Sotho program for development of leaders within the context of Leadership in Balance are measureable and defined and documented in close relation with the participants.

The unique work with the development of your personal leadership in the Sotho course brings insight and development of competences which are directly applicable in your daily work.

Sotho is aimed at the use and employment of new competences in your everyday leadership

Sotho offers two courses:

1. Sotho Individual Leadership development

for the individual executive. A personally accommodated course that is tailored to your own leadership development, where we match you with other executives in a carefully balanced group to inspire you during and after the course.

2. Sotho Team Leadership development

for established executive teams within an organization. This Sotho course is tailored to the specific needs of your particular executive team. Here we work on the shared leadership of a team as for instance a board of directors, a management team or a team of project coordinators.

Here is an example of a week schedule including the special division of modules in Morning, Lunch, Afternoon and Evening. Slots are included with room for personal evaluation and if wanted individual sparring with the consultants. Throughout the course it is possible to enjoy the many inspiring facilities, which the area offers.