Leadership in Balance

The Leadership in Balance course has 3 themes that focus on your role as a leader.

Leadership in Balance

  • How do you reach the state, where work flows easily and effortlessly, and times seems to vanish?
  • How do you use your energy?
  • What drains your energy?
  • How efficient are you?
  • How focused are you?
  • How much presence do you have in your work?
  • How balanced are you?
  • Which signals do you send to others?

Your communication and reaction patterns

  • How do you create attentiveness around you?
  • Do you listen well enough?
  • How open and receptive are you?
  • How is your patience?
  • Do you know how to relax and give yourself the peace to concentrate?
  • How do you function under pressure?
  • Do you have a breadth of view?

These answers you will have if you find an inner balance and know how to find it. We will help you build this balance in order for you to have the tools needed in the role as leader and in relation to your employees.

Commitment, enthusiasm and dialogue

  • How do you create the right team spirit in the team you are leading or a member of?
  • Are you a team player or an individualist?

Leadership in balance is about being both team player and individual - in the right situation and context.