The nature

We are very proud to be able to present Sotho in Blyde Wildlife Estate in South Africa. The Estate is located on 700 hectares of bush land by the foot of the Draken Mountains and near four kilometers of the beautiful Blyde River.

The 154 parcels are hidden away in typical bush vegetation, most of them with a stunning view of the mountains.

The Estate is gated and fenced due to safety, and to protect the many animal, roaming the grounds. Here are kudos, zebras, giraffes, blue gnus, impalas, waterbucks, bushbucks, nyalas, grey duikes and rhinos in the Blyde river.

The Sotho Executive Programme is located in the completely unique natural surroundings which take your breath away and provides a certain sense of calm and balance. The surroundings open up all your senses. The grand African nature challenges your conscience on multiple levels and invites original thought. Experience shows, that the special awareness that arises when so close to nature, provides focus and clarity and