A safari is an overland journey in which you observe and photograph big game and wildlife as a tourist.

The word ‘Safari’ is Swahili and means ‘long journey’.

In her novel Out of Africa (1937) the writer Karen Blixen recounts the events from the seventeen years she lived in Kenya and the safaris she went on.

In our Sotho Executive Course we have the possibility to include safaris in an open top jeep, where you get up close with the wildlife. Only in South Africa is it possible to view the animals from these open vehicles. Guides are experienced drivers and spotters with a thorough knowledge of the life, behavior and habits of the animals, and often they know exactly what to look for in order to get right next to the big game.

The safari game drive is a very intense way of experiencing nature where the nature setting for the Sotho Executive Course is uniquely beautiful and a mindfulness experience in itself.

We are able to service both stays at exclusive or more basic lodges where you may enjoy the world famous South African scenery and wildlife. This is an extra service to the executive course at your own preference.

As a part of our mindfulness training a safari of 3 to 4 hours is included in the executive course.