The executive team

At form, maintain and develop functioning executive teams involves all members of the team. Any team may be optimized and fine tuned for better performance. It is not necessarily an overwhelming task to improve a team. An important point is that all members have a joined responsibility for the culture and cooperation in the team – not just the leader.

It takes courage to focus on areas not working optimally. And it takes time and effort to work purposefully with team leadership. On the other hand an immediate and solid gain in the form of better and stronger team culture is attainable if the task is prioritized.

The Sotho Executive course may be tailored to established teams such as a board of directors, management or executive teams, where the South African location is actively utilized in team coaching.

Super Teams

Sotho team courses are based on well documented research of extraordinarily well-functioning leadership teams. These so called ‘Super Teams’ are distinguished by several fundamental characteristics:

  • Unconditional trust – team members trust each other unconditionally.
  • Productive diversity – the team makes constructive use of diversity.
  • Encouraging cooperation – the team enriches members through generous involvement.
  • Development of pronounced leadership – the leader is markedly committed to the progress of the team.
  • One defining ambition – the team is upheld by a strong will to accomplishment.

In-depth team course

The team course covers following aspects:

  • Reflections on your own role in the executive team and the individual contribution to a constructive and well functioning cooperation.
  • Insight and active training in the utilization of the competences of fellow team members and the clarification of own strengths.
  • Development and maintenance of the active team through strengthening and forward-looking activities.